Low-Cost Spay & Neuter

Surgical appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday by calling our front office (216-635-2718).


There is an additional cost for pain medication and e-collars. Pain medication and e-collars are recommended for ALL of our patients to ensure that they are comfortable post-operation and to prevent damage to the incision area. 
















Spay & Neuter Surgical Considerations


  • Please withhold food starting at 10:00 pm the night prior to surgery. The patient can continue to drink water as needed.

  • Surgical drop off is between 7:00 am - 8:00 am.

  • The patients go home the same day as surgery. We will give you a time in the afternoon to call us and receive your pick up time. Pets typically go home between 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm.

  • We recommend that all pets are up to date on vaccinations for surgery and that dogs over one year of age have a heartworm test. We do offer vaccinations, heartworm testing, and preventative care at the time of surgery.

  • All pets receive a physical exam prior to surgery. If we have a concern upon physical examination, we will call you to discuss whether this increases the surgical risk or if your pet needs further care. Please plan on being available by phone the morning that your pet is dropped off for surgery. 

  • Anesthesia and surgery do have risks for any animal regardless of health. We feel that our complications are minimal. Please feel free to discuss any concerns with our veterinarians at the time of surgery.

  • Please plan on your pet resting for 10-14 days after surgery. If you think your pet will need sedation to be kept calm, please let our veterinary staff know at the time of surgery.

  • All surgery re-checks are at no charge for the owner. If you have any concerns, please give us a call or stop in during our walk-in appointment hours.

  • If your pet is having an emergency related to the surgery and we are closed, please see an emergency veterinarian right away. Costs are not covered by the Northeast Ohio SPCA.

  • We do offer optional pre-operative blood work for animals undergoing elective surgery. This is always recommended to help determine the status of your pet's health. The cost is $75.00 and a copy will be provided to you. 

  • Animals older than five years of age will need a consult with our veterinarians prior to proceeding with the surgery to determine if they are a good candidate for the procedure. 




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